On Air

Dj Potts & Mc IC – The Push & Pull Show

Live Wednesday 8pm – 10pm

Keeping a weekly music show dynamic, fun and fresh is no easy task, so how does the team at The Push and Pull Show do it?
The show consists of DJ Potts & MC-IC Both strong supporters of pushing UK Garage forward and respecting where UK Garage came from.
The show itself consists of two distinct portions. The first half of the show, the “Push” portion, pushes new UK Garage. DJ Potts has given MC-IC the nickname “Top Puller” as he scours diligently each week to bring listeners the newest UK Garage tracks available, including new producers fresh on the scene.
These tracks are so ”hot off the decks” that DJ Potts has not heard them prior to mixing them live on the show. The second half of the show, the “Pull” portion, focuses on spinning those old skool UK Garage classics we all know and love.

This team not only brings an ace game with their music selection, but they are upbeat, fun, and lively. They actively engage the audience ensuring the viewers/listeners participate in the show, enjoy themselves, and want to come back each week.

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